How to Get Rid of Bats in a House

Bats are scary creatures, especially when they decide they want to move into your house. The best thing to do is to get them out fast and let them fly away. But what do you do if you discover them in your attic and can’t get rid of them? Fill up any holes or cracks you find, and seal them with caulk or steel wool. Bats need access to your house, but you don’t want them getting in.

Bats in the attic can be frightening, but they aren’t dangerous. They are considered beneficial because they eat insects that harm crops, but the pests they leave behind can be a headache. They often roost in attics, where droppings build up, creating foul odors and ruining insulation. Bats also chew up electrical wiring, and bat droppings can cause rashes and allergies. To get rid of bats, you have to find and remove the bats safely. Sometimes, the bats may get into the attic space through holes or gaps in the roofing, which means that is the issue you will need to address first. Look for a roofing company (like that has experienced professionals who can do a thorough inspection and also perform repairs if necessary.

Further, Here Are the Steps to Get Rid of the Bats Inside a House

Fill in the gaps and seal the cracks

Bats in your attic, walls, or living area? Don’t panic; there are many effective ways to eliminate them. First and foremost being sealing all the cracks and gaps. And the most effective way to do it is with some spray foam. If you are interested to take this approach, getting in touch with a reputed spray foam contractor in Red Deer (or one elsewhere) could be helpful.

Make use of a natural bat repellent

Bats may look pretty exotic, but they can make themselves right at home in your house. If you have bats living in a house or attic, getting rid of them can be a tough task! People have tried all manner of bat repellents, but it’s often difficult to keep bats away permanently.

Install a bat net

Bats can be dangerous to your home and your family. They carry rabies and can cause severe damage to your home. There are many great ways to control these pests, including installing bat houses. A bat house is an effective but humane way to control bat populations.

Install a decoy bat house

The most common way to get rid of bats in your home is to install a bat house, which is a small, enclosed structure where bats can reside. It will confuse the bats into thinking it is a predatory bat in search of prey, keeping them out.

Take away all food sources from your garden

Bats are nocturnal creatures and seek out dark, secluded spaces. They often choose areas close to their homes, such as attics, basements, and barns, and are attracted by nearby sources of food. Their diet includes moths, crickets, locusts, fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. They can leave behind a mess as their droppings and urine contribute to significant structural damage.

Hire Bat Removal Professionals

If you’re a homeowner facing issues with bats roosting in your property, you may find bat removal to be a crucial service. While these flying mammals play an essential role in ecosystems, their presence in your house can lead to structural damage and health risks due to guano accumulation. When it comes to bat removal, it’s highly advisable to hire a bat exterminator with the expertise and experience to handle the situation safely and effectively. These professionals are well-versed in the biology and behavior of bats, allowing them to employ humane and eco-friendly removal methods that comply with legal regulations. Moreover, they have the necessary equipment and protective gear to ensure your safety and that of the occupants during the removal process.

As mentioned, bats are a somewhat necessary part of the ecosystem, but they are also dangerous. These mammals are known for spreading many human diseases, including rabies, but they also play an important role in keeping insects under control. However, that slight consolation is no reason to let them run rampant in your home.

Proactively removing insects from your property is a good way to avoid bat infestations. Therefore, investing in some good fly traps – has a list of the best ones – can help out on two fronts. You get rid of pests in your house, and you keep the bats away. That is a win-win for any homeowner.

This is all to say, we are not trying to malign bats completely. There are some interesting facts about these critters that might surprise you. For instance, bats are the only mammals that can completely chew up their own wings and use them to fly again. And while bats are able to retain their echolocation ability to hunt in the dark, humans aren’t.

The best solution to get rid of bats is to remove their food source. It is preferable to let nature handle the bats’ existence because if they leave on their own, they will leave bats alone.

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