Home Hacks Every Tool Junkie Needs

Are you a tool junkie?

Many DIY enthusiasts are. We can’t accumulate enough of the various tools we need for our various projects around the house and yard. However, sometimes we can use the same tool for too many jobs.

We all have one tool we use at least once a week. It’s versatile, and we use it for a lot of jobs. We’re not concerned with finding a different tool for each job we have.

These tips will help you get more use out of the tools you love most.

Use a Magnetic Strip to Organize Your Cords

A magnetic strip is an invaluable tool for a serious tool junkie or handyperson. Not only can it help you store small tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and sockets without taking up extra space, but it can also provide an organized way of corralling the tangle of cords that seem to accumulate. Affix cut-to-fit strips of magnets near your tool bench or wall-mounted peg board.

Then wind the cords around each piece of magnet in a neat spiral. This holds the cords in place so that even after you’ve finished with a project, you can identify which cords belong together and store them together for convenient access the next time you need them. Magnetic strips are an essential home hack for any serious do-it-yourself.

Utilize an Old Dresser as a Pantry

Another way is to use an old dresser as a pantry. It is a great way to store extra items such as cans of food, bags of chips or snacks, and condiments.

They can also use it for utensils and spices. The top of the dresser can store matching baskets or canisters to sort ingredients, food items, and other pantry items. It is a simple solution that can be used in any small space for convenient organization.

Labeling each drawer can help keep it organized and accessible. The wheels make it easy to move the dresser around as needed. This home hack can help any tool junkie stay organized while saving space.

Invest in IKEA Shelves to Store Your Food

Using Ikea shelves to store food can be a great way to ensure all of your groceries are kept and organized. Not only do you get the convenience of having everything in one spot, but the feeling of complete organization provides a great sense of satisfaction.

That these shelves can be accessed and adjusted to fit any pantry or cabinet configuration is another prominent feature that makes them a great storage solution. The shelves allow you to store items off the ground and away from moisture. This can be especially useful for fruit and vegetables that need to be kept in cool, dry conditions to remain fresh.

Create Mini Shelves Out of PVC Pipe

Home hacks can make your life much easier (and more organized) as a tool junkie. A great way to tackle the issue is to create mini shelves out of PVC pipe. This hack allows for an easily customizable organization system for tools, paints, and other materials.

They cut PVC pipes to various lengths, often fit together through a series of connectors, and mounted to a wall to create multiple shelves. This provides the necessary space for larger and more awkward tools, ensuring that everything stays organized. It can easily manipulate the sizes and colors of the PVC pipe to fit a suite of individual needs, making this an incredibly versatile solution to an ever-growing tool collection.

Hang Pictures With Wire Hangers

Hanging pictures with wire hangers is a home hack that every tool junkie needs! Wire hangers create sturdy and secure picture frames, so if you’re a crafty tool junkie who loves creating wall art, this hack is for you! If you’re looking for a way to efficiently hang pictures without a hammer and nails, wire hangers do the trick! All you need are wire hangers, string, and heavy-duty tape. Start by securing the string to the middle of the wire hanger.

Make sure it’s secure and can support the weight of the picture. Then attach the two ends of the string to the back of the frame, securing it with heavy-duty tape. Hang the wire hanger on the wall and adjust the string to the desired length.

Now you can hang pictures with wire hangers. No more banging nails into the walls! If you have a lot of pictures hanging on the wall, but no extra space to hang them, try hanging them with wire.

Use These Home Hacks Today

Home Hacks Every Tool Junkie Needs has provided endless tools, magnetic strips, an old dresser as a pantry, and Ikea shelves to store food. To make the most of any DIY project, from small repairs to large builds, the tips and tricks shared offer a range of options to make any tool junkie successful. Try them out and see just how much you can take on with the help of a few home hacks!

To find the right tools for your project and how to use them, check out the Tool Junkie blog.

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