6 Great Ideas for a Graduation Party at Home

Graduation is a time of celebration to honor graduating peers, cheer for your family, and congratulate friends. When it’s time to plan a graduation party, the key is to make sure everyone feels involved. Consider these ideas to make sure everyone’s contribution to the party is acknowledged and valued.

Make A Photo Backdrop with Curtains

Graduation photos are the sort of photos that get hung on walls, displayed on tables, and used as profile pictures, so they need to be good. To get the best pictures possible, you need a plain, non-reflective background. Curtains are perfect for this, as they often come in solid colors and will absorb excessive light. Choose deep red or purple curtains for a rich, expensive look, black or blue for a professional look, or grey for a clean, modern look. Alternatively, choose vibrant pink, yellow, orange, or green for a bit of fun and excitement!

Display Party Entrance Signs

Display a graduation banner at the entrance of the party. The banner can include the university name, the year, and the subject, and could even bit lit up if the party is taking place at night. This is the perfect place to take photos in front of, so make sure it’s big enough to be seen. Hang it across a doorway so that guests can stand underneath it, or on a gate if the party is taking place outside.

Use Large Balloons as Photo Props

Balloons can be used in so many ways. They can be placed as centerpieces in the middle of tables, hung on walls, arranged into arches, placed on either side of doors, tied onto chairs, or given to guests as they walk in. By far the best use, however, is as photo props. Buy four number balloons to make the year of the graduation, and let guests take photos with them. This leads to far more natural and interesting photos than everyone standing in a line, and they come in many different colors, so you can match them easily to your theme.

Make Cute Paper Straws

Plastic straws are out and paper straws are back in. The great thing about paper straws is that you can customize them using small pictures glued to the top. Print out a selection of pictures on a strong card, such as graduation caps, degree scrolls, gowns, or even the university logo, and glue them to the top of the straws. You can even print guests their own individual straws and glue their faces to each straw, making a funny, quirky addition to the party. They are a great idea for almost any drink and are a fun and colorful way to spice up a lemonade, iced tea, or cocktail.

Make (Or Order) Graduation Cupcakes

What celebration is complete without cake? You might not be able to get a three-tier cake, so cupcakes might be a more affordable option. You can make or order a selection of flavors, and either decorate them yourself or have them decorated professionally. Consider your university colors for the icing, or write the names of every guest on top of each cupcake and place them at their seat ready for them to arrive.

Display a Graduation Memory Board

This is a big life event, so it’s important that it be remembered. Inevitably, guests will get a little drunk and may not remember exactly what happened on the night, but a memory board will allow everyone to collect their memories in one place. Allow people to write messages or use an instant camera to create a whole board of photos from the night. You could even let people paint their hands to leave their handprints, but just be aware that paint can get messy, so provide a handwashing station and encourage people to use it at the start of the party, not at the end when they’re drunk!

These great ideas are a must-have for any graduation party. There are so many more things you might want to do, but these tips above are a good place to start and should lead to a night to remember!

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